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Hcgenerate (N2Generate) reviewIt has been a decade since Needtobuildmuscle (n2bm) came up with Hcgenerate, and since then it has changed the way those in fitness approach testosterone boosters.  Before it came along most of us would go to the vitamin store and purchase 10+ different supplements.  The developer realized that he could simplify something into an all in 1 formula, and Hcgenerate Classic was born.

Today, Hcgenerate is now called N2generate, however, it is still the same great ingredients.  The name change happened due to credit card processors cracking down on drug sales of HCG (Pregnyl), plus the bosses wanted to modernize the name due to the popularity of N2bm.com.

Are testosterone boosters mostly scams?

The answer to this question is yes.  However, there are simple ways to know the difference between some random GNC product and one that actually is worth your hard earned money.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) checks products to confirm accurate labels.  If the supplement isn’t what it claims, or has dosages that are off, they will issue what is called a recall.  Recalls can bankrupt a company, and at best, cost the company thousands of dollars due to the lost product.

Proprietary Blends

The bottom line is the labels are there so you should take advantage of that.  One of the easy ways companies fool consumers is by using proprietary blends, which only tell you the total dosage, but not the individual supplement amounts.  So you don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting.

Leaning on the Good Stuff…

Another thing they do is put in a bunch of ingredients, but go very lean on the actual amounts, essentially you get barely anything.  It would be like a restaurant making a $15 burger that has 2 large buns with lettuce and tomato, but then only adding in 1/10th of a pound of actual meat to save them money.

Useless Fillers

And finally, another common thing companies do is load the product with a bunch of useless fillers that do nothing, and contain maybe 1 or 2 decent ingredients.

In all 3 scenarios, you are simply wasting your money and this type of thing causes people to lose confidence in the entire supplement industry.

Hcgenerate (N2Generate) is different

Hcgenerate (N2Generate) contains 8 quality ingredients at potent dosages, clearly listed for you to see on the label.  It also is 30 servings, so the bottle will last you a month if you use the recommended 5 capsules per day.  This isn’t your average crappy GNC testosterone booster!  In fact, check out all that it contains and see for yourself below.

Hcgenerate (N2Generate) results (before and after)

Ingredients, the amount per serving, and what they do:

Fadogia Agrestis 1000mg:

One of the most popular ingredients that will boost testosterone, plump your testicles, and boost sex drive.  Over the past few years, many of those in and out of fitness have incorporated this supplement, but it needs to be dosed enough.

Fenugreek Extract 1000mg:

Known worldwide for its sexual boost, it has studies showing it will quickly cause a rise in libido and ejaculation difficulties.  It also helps with heart and kidney health.

Vitamin E 30IU:

A very strong antioxidant that we need as athletes to keep us healthy.  It actually has been shown in studies to prevent muscle breakdown and boost muscle repair.  It helps with vital organs and endurance as well.

Zinc 7mg:

Without zinc, we cannot build muscle or regulate hormones.  Many men who have low testosterone also have low zinc too, so you need this mineral or you are in big trouble.  It also helps with muscle building during and after your workout.

3,4 Divanillytahydrofuran 500mg:

Boosts free testosterone by binding to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).  It will make the steroids you are using work even better, and also boost your testosterone levels after a cycle.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract 500mg:

Many men use this supplement by itself, but don’t realize it is far more effective in a stack.  The secret is the saponins which increase dihydrotestosterone (sex hormone) and regular testosterone (male hormone).  It will help you across the board with libido, penis health, heart health, sleep, and general vitality.

Tongkat Ali Root Extract 100mg:

This ingredient is great for muscles and overall energy.  It also has been shown to boost fertility and getting the ‘little soldiers’ down there working again.

Boron Citrate 100mg:

This ingredient reinforces the bodies mineral metabolization, helping everything run smoother.

The Ultimate Cycle Support

Why you should use it ON Cycle

A lot of guys say you don’t need a testosterone booster while on a steroid cycle, after all, you are already boosting your hormones with drugs right?  However, Hcgenerate (N2Generate) will help improve your cycle because it will help keep your balls plump, keep libido strong, increase free testosterone, decrease the chance of erectile dysfunction, and make it easier to come off steroids.  It also will help with general health, especially your heart health.

Why you should use it POST Cycle

A big misconception people believe is that the purpose of post cycle therapy is to ‘kickstart your testosterone, or kickstart your recovery.’  This is actually incorrect.  The real purpose of post cycle is to provide your body a soft landing so you don’t lose your hard-fought gains and you don’t lose motivation to workout.  Hcgenerate (N2Generate) is a must during post cycle because it will counteract the negative side effects associated with drugs like Nolvadex and Clomid, which have been shown to cause mood swings, low libido, and penis dysfunction.

Why you should use it solo

Hcgenerate (N2Generate) is a safe Testosterone booster which will help you get results both in the gym and in the bedroom.  Users report they start feeling the effects after 1-2 weeks of daily use.  You are welcome to use it year round.


Hcgenerate (N2Generate) for saleThe recommended dosage is 5 capsules per day.  I recommend splitting the dose AM and PM.  Those who want an added boost before the gym or before sex can tack on another 2-3 capsules 1 hour prior to an activity.

Where to buy

Hcgenerate (N2Generate) is sold at N2bm.com and Amazon.com.  It is 100% legal and can be purchased with a credit card.

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Hcgenerate (N2Generate) Review
  • Enhance libido
  • Increase free testosterone
  • Combat the side effects of steroids

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