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.You’ve probably not heard of SARMs. It is an acronym for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators” and these are basically an alternative for steroids [1], since steroids have been known to be harmful to those who use them. But SARMs themselves have not had a history that could be described as “safe.”

History of SARMs

Steroidal SARMs were in use back in the 40’s, and they were used to treat certain diseases, such as cancer, osteoporosis, and other related diseases which affect the bones and muscles and cause their wastage. Back in those days, these steroidal SARMs were described to have “high affinity” and this means that these compounds had a characteristic which made chemical reactions occur in the body stronger than before, and this characteristic was the high attraction these SARMs have to receptors. [2]

However, it was quickly found that these steroidal SARMs did not come without side effects. The estrogen in men was converted and they got gynecomastia (developing puffy and soft nipples), their libido was low, their liver and kidneys started to get damaged. Men’s DNA was harmed. Multiple cells in the bodies of these men were mutated by steroidal SARMs, and the result of this was enlargement of their heart and prostate, which was dangerous.

How are steroidal SARMs different from non-steroidal SARMs?

Scientists in the 90’s were available to develop a new form of SARMs which was quite different from the usual kind, which were harmful; these SARMs were non-steroidal, and the special thing about them was these had a protein basis.

In order to better understand the difference between these two kinds of SARMs, you’ll need to understand some biology related to your cells and how they work.

Basically, the body cells tend to be like “locks” and they have binding sites on them which can be described as “keyholes.” The problem with steroidal SARMs was that they had the tendency to behave like what is known as a master key; this meant that they could unlock every single cell in your body without any regard for the consequences, even those you wanted to keep safe or locked. Since they did not differentiate between the cells that were to be left locked and the cells that were to be unlocked, the result of this was all of those harmful side effects. However, this problem was not found in the protein based SARMs, which were the non-steroidal kind.

The non-steroidal SARMs were able to differentiate between the kinds of cells that were to be left locked, and the cells that were supposed to be activated, or unlocked. Because of this, these new SARMs were able to prevent wastage of bone and muscle, and instead, causing growth of muscles.

Non-steroidal SARMs are the future

People have been using them in sports, body building, and many other related activities from the 90’s and there haven’t been faults reported in their efficiency.

But those who think their problems have been solved have a bit more to consider.

Yes, it is true that nonsteroidal SARMs will prevent people from having bad side effects, and at the same time, give a substantial amount of muscle growth, but they also take a long time to work. A steroid can bring about the effects a nonsteroidal SARM will bring in a quicker amount of time. But, in the end, what is more important, safe muscle growth, or the kind of muscle growth that will inevitably end up harming you? Sometimes things are not just about how quick they affect you, but rather, how safely they affect you.

How do prohormones stand against SARMs?

Prohormones were the first substances to come on the market to help muscle growth. But these are steroids, or at best, supplements of testosterone, and they do not have the same effect as SARMs, which cause great and safe muscle growth; these prohormones are unsafe for use by humans, and have the same harmful effects as steroidal SARMs outlined above, including, but not limited to, abnormal enlargement of vital organs, low libido, and gynecomastia etcetera.

Nonsteroidal SARMs are much better than prohormones; You can use them orally, and they do not affect the level of testosterone in the blood. They serve as medicine for diseases that were first treated by steroids and other related substances. This is scientific evidence that nonsteroidal SARMs work, are safe, and are also efficient and easy to use.

How do SARMs work?

We have this thing in our bodies called type 2 muscle fibers. As we age, these muscles deteriorate and prevent us from working the way we normally would. [3] With the usage of SARMs, our bodies can overcome these deficiencies.

You should use SARMs only by oral consumption. When consumed, they can produce vast improvements in the density of mineral in your bones. Along with that, they can provide with greater strength, and also burn fat in the process. If that was not enough, they can also increase your mass in terms of lean body.

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What SARMs to use and How to use them?

There are currently four SARMs that are most famous. These are used worldwide by athletes and body builders with unbeatable trust. These are:


Ligandrol (LGD-4033) specializes in reduction of your body fat while at the same time causing the mass of your lean body to increase. It is recommended that for a period of four weeks, you only 2 to 5 mg in a daily single dose. More than this might cause your testosterone levels to radically drop. After four weeks, take a month before continuing.

S4 (also known as Andarine)

The special quality of this SARM is that it can choose and be selective in terms of which bone tissue it affects. Unlike steroidal SARMs, this does not cause enlargement of the prostrate or the heart. It is currently in the process of being used for treatment of osteoporosis. However, it is recommended that you take it with other SARMs, since it has a weak effect on its own.

But the side effect is that it creates abnormality in vision. Users report that they developed an eye condition that made it troubling for them to see in the dark. Plus their perception of colors was also altered. It is recommended to dose on 50 mg of S4 per day for a course of four weeks and then wait for four weeks to observe the results. The 50 mg of S4 should be split into two doses of 25 mg each per day.

MK-2866 (also known as Ostarine)

MK-2866 is readily available on the market. It is a top choice for athletes since it is capable of building lean muscle mass while re-comping. Having said that it also reduces testosterone levels if used heavily for a long period of time. But users report that once they stopped taking it, the levels became normal after a week. There are no official recommendations on dosage. But on a period of four weeks, about fifteen to twenty milligrams per day should be enough. Wait for results for a whole month until taking more. Read this post to learn more about MK-2866.


Currently, it is the most thrilling SARM on this list. It does the usual thing an SARM would do, but it might also be a cure for Alzheimer disease, possibly. Dosage should be between twenty and thirty milligrams, and you should cycle it for more than 4 to 12 weeks. After this time period, you should take a break before beginning again. Preferably for the same duration as the time spent consuming RAD140.

What benefits can SARMs offer you?

The greatest benefit about nonsteroidal SARMs is that they can give you all the benefits of steroids, without any of the harmful or dangerous side effects.

  • They are not toxic, which means that your liver remains unharmed.
  • Other steroids can cause loss of bone, or bone wastage. Nonsteroidal SARMs keep you safe and boosts growth of muscle and bone tissue.
  • There was a strong threat of prostate problems that nonsteroidal SARMs take away.
  • It won’t make your libido drop, but rather, will keep your sexual energy up and running.
  • It does not convert your estrogen or dihydrotestosterone, which might cause puffy nipples.
  • These are selective and won’t harm your other tissues; they’ll only affect the ones that cause size of bone and muscle to increase.

Studies About SARMs

Let’s look at some of the studies in detail.

Research done  indicates that users of SARMs will gain about 3 to 15 lbs of pure muscle tissue. (Dubois et al 2015) As long as they remain committed across the whole period of twelve weeks of SARM usage.

Finally, the Oxford Academic journal of Endocrinology testifies that nonsteroidal SARMs only attach to DNA areas which cause muscle growth.


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