We all have those areas on our body that don’t seem to get lean no matter what we do. For me personally it’s my lower abs. I can get shredded everywhere else but that area never seems to get lean. Lower calorie diets and more cardio just seem to make me loose muscle. It wasn’t until I learnt about the Alpha2 receptors on fat cells that I was finally able to get this area lean.

Alpha2 receptors

It’s the Alpha2 receptors on fat calls that have the pesky property of shutting down fat burning (lipolysis). In fact, stubborn body fat areas contain the greatest concentration of Alpha2 receptors. The only way you’re going to finally get these stubborn body fat areas lean is by inhibiting the Alpha2 adrenoceptors on them.


Yohimbe and Alpha-Yohimbe have a very strong effect in blocking out the Alpha2 adrenoceptors. However, you must apply these ingredients topically for them to work. If you ingest them orally they will be metabolized by the liver and activate the central nervous system (CNS) instead of blocking out the Alpha2 receptors.

Does Yohiflame Work?

Yohimflame is an industry first transdermal fat loss product that contains Yohimbe and Alpha-Yohimbe.  Yohimflame is unlike oral fat burners because transdermal products do not go through the liver to be metabolized. You get localized fat loss and wont experience the same side-effects associated with oral fat burners like jitters, stomach pain, muscle cramps or insomnia.

YohimFlame Review

15 mg dosage of yohimbine greatly accelerated acute resting energy consumption by 8% in both healthy and obese females. That same dosage also increased fat burning on the average of 0.7 kg / 1.5 lb rate.

α-adrenergic blockade by yohimbine potentiated lipolysis and exercise energy expenditure. Yohimbine application during the slimming treatment increased weight loss without side effects. – Adrenergic Control of Lipolysis and Metabolic Responses in Obesity


Gynecomastia, also known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘bitch tits’, is the enlargement of male breast tissue from hormonal imbalances in the body. It can occur naturally during puberty but usually occurs from improper steroid usage.  High estrogen and/or high prolactin levels can cause steroid induced gyno.

Yohimflame is so effective at removing stubborn body fat, a lot of steroid users use Yohimflame as part of the Anti Gyno Protocol 3.0 to remove Gynecomastia.

Anti Gyno Protocol 3.0

The anti gyno protocol 3.0 is comprised of nolvadex, letrozole, cabergoline, cardarine, N2guard and Yohiflame:

Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate)

Nolvadex is a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator that is used to remove gyno since. It is an antagonist of estrogen receptors. Essentially, nolvadex binds to estrogen receptors which prevents active estrogen from binding in its place. The anti gyno protocol 3.0 recommends nolvadex dosages of 20-80mg/day.

Letrozole (femara)

Letrozole is an FDA approved aromatase inhibitor (AI) that was clinically developed for the treatment of breast cancer. In fact, it is the most powerful AI available dropping estrogen levels by up to 98%. The anti gyno protocol 3.0 recommends letrozole dosages of 0.25-1mg/day.

Cabergoline (dostinex)

Cabergoline is used to treat prolactin induced gyno. It is a dopamine receptor agonist that prevents prolactin from being secreted from the pituitary glands. The anti gyno protocol 3.0 recommends Cabergoline dosages of 0.25-0.5mg/day.

Cardarine (GW-501516)

Cardarine is a PPAR modulator that promotes lipolysis (fat oxidation). It is a great addition to the anti gyno protocol since gyno is nothing more than stubborn estrogenic fat stored in a man’s breast tissue. The anti gyno protocol 3.0 recommends Cardarine dosages of 10-20mg/day.


N2guard is an all-in-one support supplement loaded with 43 different ingredients to detox the body and regulate hormone levels.


Yohiflame is a topical fat loss product based on Yohimbine and Alpha-Yohimbe. It is the perfect addition to the anti gyno protocol because it directly increases lipolysis (fat burning) to the area of application. Yohimflame is extremely effective at removing the stubborn estrogenic fat stored in a man’s breast tissue when applied to the chest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yohiflame

How do I apply Yohiflame?

Spray the Yohimflame on your stubborn body fat areas prior to exercising. You will notice a slight tingling and increased warmth on the areas you applied the Yohimflame.

When is the best time to take Yohiflame?

In order to maximize fat oxidation, it’s best to use Yohimflame in a low insulin environment. I always recommend using Yohimflame before fasted cardio.

What I often tell my clients is to take their pre-cardio supplements (a thermogenic fat burner like N2burn unless they are very sensitive to caffeine), apply the Yohimflame to their stubborn body fat areas and then head to the gym to perform their cardio session.

After the cardio session the Yohimflame comes off easily with regular soap and water.

Do I need to cycle off Yohimflame?

Since Yohimflame is non-hormonal, you do not need to cycle off it. You can use it safely year round.

Can I stack Yohimflame with other fat burners?

Absolutely! Yohimflame stacks great with:

  • Thermogenic fat burners like N2Burn
  • Insulin sensitivity supplements like N2slin
  • SARMS such as Cardarine (GW501516) and Stenabolic (SR9009)
  • Peptides such as HGH Fragment
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • T3 and Clenbuterol

Where to Buy

In fact, you can only get Yohimflame from thecreator N2Bm or their Amazon sales page.

YohimFlame for sale

Yohimflame Fat Burning Stack

Week Cardarine Yohimflame N2burn
1-8 20mg taken with breakfast Applied before fasted cardio (5 days per week) 1 pill with breakfast. 1 pill with lunch
Yohimflame Review
  • Spot Specific Fat Burning
  • Weight loss
  • Side Effect Free

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